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June 26, 2015

Days have been saturated around here, with both little and big projects. Today as of 8 am is empty…something I haven’t felt in a while! So, here I am to share a few of the things we’ve been up to!


The back bush, which is about 8 acres of forest, is slowly, VERY slowly, becoming more tame. What was a bush that could barely be tromped through, now has several trails, and a pond that has been opened up to let more light through. The Hubs really enjoys being back there and if his work day ends early, I can be sure that he’ll want to get some work done with the chainsaw. We’ve been blessed with the use of a huge chipper for a few weeks, and plan to chip some of the trails that are slick with mud.


On Fathers day, we took a spur of the moment trip to a local beach with my parents, and oh what fun we had!  We walked the pier, and dug our toes in the sand, the inlet of water was warm enough that the kids brought their boogey boards and rode the waves! T’was pure delight! We finished the day off with a carton full of chippy truck french fries and and ice cream cone…necessary beach day nourishment 😉 IMG_0095

We had also visited our local strawberry farm and I bought 2 flats of fresh berries. We got down to business on Monday and turned the kitchen into a jam factory and pumped out about 25 jars of jam…DEEEElicous. In years past I’ve made the high sugar canned jam that is heat sealed, but this year I decided to try freezer jam. It has WAY less sugar, and tastes more like a real strawberry. Total delight to the tastebuds. Will definitely be making it like this from now on!


IMG_0086 IMG_0085

The kids were amazing helpers, it amazes me how competent they are when I just give them the opportunity to help. They diced the berries with me, washed the jars, ladled in the finished product and of course they excelled at being taste testers :)



Since we’ve taken an extended break from school (my original intentions were to just take 2 weeks, and then crack open the math books and some history, in order to not fully lose their facts before September.. ) I’ve been finishing up a few little ‘me projects’ that have been left until I had time to fiddle around.

I love the idea of fresh herbs in my kitchen but the look of new terra cotta pots makes me cringe a little, while the look of ancient ones really turn my crank. I love all things old and dilapidated  (WHAT!!?? I just discovered that the word is dilapiDATED and not dilapiTATED … honestly, I had no idea!! huh, just when I thought I knew everything… 😉

So, I took matters into my own hands, in my typical style of messing around until I’ve produced something tolerable. My husband loves this side of me…I get paint on the granite and on my clothes, I let my looks slide in the interest of getting a project done, and by the time he gets home, he greets a wife who is covered in paint and soil, sporting a frizz ball pony tail, a kitchen that is upsidedown and kids who are running wild.

I stand there and say ‘ BUT LOOK! Look at my creation!!’ and being the wonderful man he is, he looks past it all and sees my vision :) … love that man.


Here’s my horrible iPhone photo of the basil, sage, cilantro and thyme now gracing my wooden bench in front of the kitchen window.  Makes me feel like a french chef with my “old” pots of herbs.  Now to actually use them haha!


I used a titch of gold paint and a mixture of baking soda and water to brush on the sides. If I touch the pots a lot, some of the white soda will flake off, but it can always be brushed right back on again. There are more intense ways of makes your pots patina, but I like the quick and easy route!

I’ll have to post an update on the garden soon, it’s coming along nicely!!

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