Like throwing hundreds to the wind…

April 25, 2016

It’s happening..

It’s that time of year when the programs have an end in sight! The homeschool co-op, Awana, Youth group, and music programs all have a expiry date and I am drooling in the anticipation of the low key evenings that ensue.

This past weekend, we decided that since the schedule was wide open (which is a total rarity on any given weekend round these parts) we would go to the Saturday night service at church, and have Sunday to enjoy with each other. We were able to watch 8 baptisms and hear their testimonies, what a joy it is to hear the testimony of others! My favourite!

We were able to accomplish so much this weekend, including the setting up of our SECOND new trampoline… ugh. The original trampoline suffered a tear that sent Ashlyn straight through the hole, to meet the hard earth below. Then the FIRST NEW trampoline decided to see what flying felt like and blew itself atop our playground set, consequently breaking each of its poles, tearing the net, and puncturing 4 holes in the bounce pad. If that wasn’t enough, 2 days later it flung itself into the field doing somersaults. (and yes it was tied down with a 6 inch fence post dug into the ground, which was ripped right out.. there are some seriously strong winds out here!) The poor Hubs and his co-worker had to wade into the thick springtime muck up to their ankles to go and slog it out, tying it to the nearest tree so it wouldn’t blow onto the road in front of some sorry unsuspecting driver. (the kids baked cookies for said co-worker for his effort :)


We debated on even buying another one this year, (watching the first new one fly away was like throwing $100 bills into the wind) but the more time I spent with the children, day in …and day out, while envisioning a summer without that grand toy, I caved. That baby provides me with some serious quiet time, so when I saw it in the Canadian Tire flyer on sale (for less than I paid for the first new one) WITH a 50$ bonus card, I hightailed it over there.

We’re now employing a new anchoring method in the form of 6 rebar canes that are hammered into the ground over each of the metal legs. I tried with all my might (and maybe more convincingly, the Hubs might) to pull it out of the ground, and it was as stuck down as …well…as something that’s really stuck down. heh.

I also picked up a patio bin to house all of the chair pads from our patio set, and man, is that ever a wonderful thing. No more racing out to throw the pads into the living room door to toss all willynilly into some corner to wait out the rains, instead they’re locked and loaded into this handy bin. Voila.


We also did more work in the raised bed garden area… but more on that another time! These outdoor projects just keep me ticking…this year, though I am taking special precautions with my back, I’ll do anything to avoid those 3 weeks in bed!

Happy Spring Y’all!


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