Hi there, you! Welcome to this dear ol’ blog about us farming folks…there are five of us on fifty acres to be exact.

My name is Leanne and I’m the farmers wife. If you’d have told me years ago that I’d be marrying a local farm boy and would learn how to milk cows while pregnant, I’d have snorted coffee out of my nose and kicked up my high heels. And now? I wouldn’t want it any other way…mud caked rubber boots never felt so good.

I fell head over heels for The hubs and his big green tractor back in 2001, and we’ve since had three children Gabe, Ashlyn and Eden. We lived our first 10 years together on the family dairy farm, and in 2011 The Hubs decided to bring our family to the fifty acres up the road and build a new home.

Throughout my life, my marriage and my parenting no one has been a closer friend than Jesus. He has taken ahold of my bad self and He stood in my place, and took my penalty. I live every day knowing that my death has been paid and I have an eternity with my Almighty Saviour in paradise forevermore.

God, in His all knowing ways, had lead me gently though the years, never giving me more than I could bear….it’s a good thing we don’t know what tomorrow brings… for example the word ‘homeschool’ used to give me the cold sweats, heh. He’s brought us to that bridge and we’ve now crossed it and I’m living the life of a homeschool mom…what’s that like you ask?

Well, some days we’re crazy studious, the pencils are sharp, the algebraic equations flow, and the poetry rhymes…other days I’m just thrilled that my bathroom door has a lock, and that I have clean pyjamas to wear…during the day.

If you’re looking for me … this is where you’ll find me, on Farmingfolks writing about our good days and our crazy days. The coffee’s on and the tailgate’s down, I hope you’ll join me.

Thanks for reading.

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