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Foto Friday..

March 27, 2015






Lastnight, we were eating dinner and The Hubs spied this eagle on our front lawn! He was having his dinner too .. an old, dead raccoon from the ditch. I grabbed my camera and slipped on some shoes .. but forgot my coat, and within 10 minutes I was nearly frozen solid…but it was so worth it!!

He let me get within 8 feet of him, then he would bounce away, leaving his dirt trail. I knew when he’d had enough by screeching at me, so I decided that before he came pecking at my face, I would leave him be.

Love these spontaneous creature moments! What a gift!


March 2, 2015

We took part in the Great Backyard Bird Watch this year. The kids and I had fun sitting and watching through our kitchen window to see all the birds that came to our feeders in a 30 minute period. The main types of feathered friends we get here on the Fifty are robins (can’t wait to see my first one this year!!) cardinals, juncos, snow buntings, finches, sparrows, cedar waxwings (in the elderberry bush), downy woodpeckers and the occasional blue jay who resides in our spruce trees.

I love to watch the birds and if The Hubs would let me I would probably have a set up like this:


(although, I’m certain this wouldn’t fit in my birdseed budget…that orange thing in the picture is a 50 lb bag of birdseed she staples on the trunk of her tree and that’s bag 6 .. let alone all the feeders she fills..whew! )(photo credit: weather network)

Here’s the thing…The Hubs is afraid of birds…(*snicker*)… No, really.

It stems from a childhood memory of being put in a pen of chickens that pecked at his poor, little, four year old boots and fluttered their fluffy wings in his face… It scarred him for life. The fear was fuelled over the years by another species, the pigeon. You see,  at the top of every silo there roosts a lively bunch of pigeons, some more stubborn than others. When a farmer climbs up a silo for maintenance purposes or at harvest time, they usually make some kind of banging noise before they open the top hatch, so as to scare the pigeons away. (Sometimes though, a wily one will stay, it’s their initiation to be part of ‘the flock’, they vote on who’s turn it is to scare the farmer and hope he will plummet to his death.) Each and every time Dwight opened the hatch, the wily one (as voted) would fling itself upon his face with it’s stiff, feathery appendages…thus producing a man-scream, but thankfully never the death that was intended.

I’m praying these sweet little cardinals and finches have a more peaceful effect over the years, no death wishes here, just pretty little friends. (There ain’t no chicken coop in my future if these little birds can’t produce peace within the Hubs hardened heart.)

For me, seeing these sweet feathered fellows makes me think of Matthew 6:26 “Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they?”. I find it so awe inspiring looking at the creatures He has made in such a mind blowing array of colours and sizes and personalities …… and yet…..I am worth much more than they to my Father in heaven. Thankful.


three birds-9