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I like to tell myself ‘it’s only hair’…

February 14, 2015

Once upon a time, my mom got my hair cut as short as my brothers. I cried.  The end.

Previous to the hair hacking, about age 7, my hair was long, mid-back range and my mom always took good care to have it done in braids, pony tails or nicely brushed…I’m certain this is a good part of why my hair went missing. It was a lot of work.

It wasn’t until I was about 13 that I finally had enough of being called my brother’s brother … or ‘Ramp head’ by my public school frenemies (kids can be so creative in their name the end I took it, seeing as my friend Theresa was being called picker..for obvious reasons. I’d rather be a ramp head than a picker.) Anyway, my hair had was too long to be controlled, but too short to be put up, it was a white girls afro. Puffy would be a great adjective.

When I was little I didn’t have much curl in my hair, but after it began growing out, it became obvious that I had been harbouring a secret all those years…I had a head full of curls, I just had to learn how to deal with  them. First rule I learned….toss the brush. Well, toss it in the shower that is…curly hair cannot be brushed dry…unless of course you want to be called ramp head :)

Years later, I’ve come to a few more conclusions on curly hair…my own at least. There are certain styles that result in a triangle shape, when curls aren’t layered they can become weighted and bulky at the bottom, resulting in ‘Triangle head’ (so essentially my head went straight from a ramp into a triangle…I always knew my head was a simple machine..heh.) A few stylists later and still no one was listening and I was paying phenomenal amounts to be heard.

Well, it just so happens that there are women who actually take matters into their own hands. I happened to find this out one night whilst The Hubs was away on business …

Somehow, my inhibitions were low and as fate would have it, I owned a nice, sharp pair of hair cutting scissors. I watched this video and got to thinking…’how difficult could this really be??’…

Soon enough, the deed was done and when I looked down I saw this…


I prayed as I laid my head down on the pillow that night, that when I awoke I wouldn’t die from shock when I looked in the mirror.


In the morning I was pleasantly surprised…no ramps, no triangles…and I saved about $100…maybe my head isn’t so simple after all 😉