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Poor Mans Florida..

February 1, 2015

There’s this thing that happens every February … I begin to lose my Oomph and slowly fizzle out until I become a sluggish heap that grunts and groans and becomes more sloth like with every passing day.

Here’s a link to a previous sloth post : February 2013

Last year we tried to stave off the winter blues with a cheap cruise to the Caribbean, and well..that’s a whole other post. It was actually the juice cleanse following the cruise that helped the most.

This year as my steam was slowly fading, Eden had a most delightful proposition…she wanted to take the family to a hotel for the night with the birthday and Christmas money she had saved. Well, just about broke my heart with the sweetness!


(Yes, that’s my hair on her head)

Once I cleared the tears from my eyes, we had a good search of hotel rooms, and she decided she didn’t want to have to travel too far, so we ended up with a room at the Best Western Lamplighter in London.

The Hubs and I couldn’t handle keeping money from that sweet face so, instead, we let her pay us for the hotel, then we put it into her bank account :)


The hotel has a beautiful glass roof that can open in the summer, and provides loads of sunlight in the winter…just what this sloth mama needed.


There are palm trees, succulents, koi ponds and water falls and if it wasn’t for seeing the snow through the glass roof, we’d never have known we weren’t in Florida.

That night away gave me enough fuel to get through the next couple weeks, (even though the ultimate winter storm is raging outside the windows right now..ugh) then my mama offered a couple nights away for The hubs and I…oh sweet relief, I can’t wait!

There’s another thing thats keeping me going this winter…my prayer spot. Will have to post more on that soon :)


July 27, 2013

There’s a reason I like the dirt under my nails.  And I’m sure its because I saw her doing it.

She has filled many shoes over many years, my favourite pair being the ones she wore in the 80’s and early nineties. It wasn’t for their particular style, rather the way they tread…. softly, gently, always heading in the right direction. They weren’t flashy or even trendy for that matter, they were dependable … and grace filled.

These shoes …this woman… became a fixed part of my life from very early on. She shared more than the smiles of an Oma, she also shared breakfast, lunch and dinner and I grew to know her as my own. Many days she shared life as my mothers ‘better half’, and it was she and mom who knelt beside my bed when I told Jesus my life was His.

God has these great ways of making diamonds from coal … especially in life and love. Her silver hair is as He promised too, a worthy crown of wisdom. In a time of great need He provided hands and feet of grace and truth, with a little dirt under her nails.

I have a deep desire for His creation, and it’s something that’s been cultivated in my soul. It started early watching her stooped in her garden picking beans, watering flowers and winning trillium awards and it’s only grown over the years.  I’ve yet to even step into her shadow when it comes to green thumbing, and there’s doubt I ever will. She’ll be 87 this year and she still cares for the many gardens at her retirement home.

We chatted the other day about the birds that come to visit, she has several feeders and many a fine feathered friend in her garden. I’ve recently set up my own feeder and was overjoyed to tell her about the six golden finches that have decided that my feeder is THE place to be. She shared my pleasure and went on to tell me the delight that she has found over the years with watching her birds in the birdbath. Guess what’s on my birthday list? :)

As the years pass I see the importance in gleaning from her what I can, before her days in glory and an eternity in a garden of incomprehensible beauty…. after all, she has exceptional shoes to fill.

Summer Time and the livin’ is easy..

July 17, 2013


How are ya?

I went through my typical reading list this morning and thought I’d share the link to my friends blog. She’s is the parent of 5 kids and her last baby is waiting in Sick kids hospital for a new heart. It’s really incredible to read of her daily struggles and see her faith grow and to give God the glory in it all.

We are enjoying summer and squeezing it for all its worth, days are long and hot and the kids usual bedtime hour has become quite blurred. We’ve s’mored and swam to our hearts content. I looked back at our calendar, and in the month of July we’ve only had 2 days without guests at the house! There’s something about those long late nights, with a cozy fire burning in the chimnea (momma found that one at the side of the road, and boy what a treasure its become :) and fireflies flickering over the vast crops, with kids giggling in the dusk, that makes me re-think my dedication to the season of fall. This is where it’s at!

Happy Canada Day!!

July 1, 2013

We enjoyed a beautiful day yesterday on the family farm, this is a shot of all the walking grandchildren. There are 2 more babies and one on the way.

The kids enjoyed a full afternoon of swimming, milking the cows, playing with cousins and wound down the night with s’mores and fireworks and sparklers.



Old memories were remembered, and new memories created, it was a wonderful day.
Happy Canada day to you!!

Final Wedding On the Farm

October 14, 2010

This is Dwights sister on her wedding day…Isn’t she lovely? The wedding was here on the farm and although a bit drizzly it was a wonderful time for family to gather. This was back in August, and because I’m such a poor blogger … well you know.

This was the final wedding of the Garrett girls, all 5 are now in wedded bliss. Dwights mom is now considering a full time postition as a wedding planner, as she’s got it all down to an art :)

The bag lady..

July 18, 2010

I’d like to say she takes after her mother….but I REALLY shouldn’t take the credit for this.

You see, my little strawberry head has a fetish for bags, purses, sacks, and pretty much anything that can hold stuff….loads and loads of stuff.

Recently as I was cleaning I found at least 10 bags full of junk…and by junk I mean toys, papers, writing untensils and so forth. She’s got a problem my friends. It was time for an intervention. Upon the last cleaning of the playroom, I hid each and every purse I came across. I thought we were home free for a bit …..then she found an old clinique bag, and loaded it with every bit of makeup she had been given over her few years. (my cast-offs, my mothers cast-offs, and my mother in Laws cast-offs…she’s got more makeup than the avon lady..)

I’m off to hide her school bag and lunch pail … who knows what she could fit in those.

Snow much fun…

January 28, 2010

There’ve been a few snowy days ’round these parts, not too many though….which is just okily dokily. The small hill outside our patio door has been claimed as their ‘Caboggening hill’ as miss Ashy calls it. The path down is slick and pressed nicely, in good crazy carpet fashion. Half an hour of ‘Caboggening’ for them = Half an hour of silence for me.

Thank you oh sweet hill.

Even the big guy enjoys a ride…


February 10, 2009
Red heads unite on the Heintzman.
Patiently teaching 4 hands.

‘I’ll be just like her one day…’

Aunt Vicki came over the other to tickle our new ivorys. Well new to us at least…
Gabes lessons have been going quite well, he says one day he’ll play just like Aunt Vicki. The Hubs has realized a passion that had been tossed to the wayside many years ago. Since the piano has been moved in, I’ve been listening to him recalling all his black and white memories through his hands, and he’s quite good. Until he has to play with 2 hands, each with it’s own rhythm. Then his very white, very un-rhythmic side comes out, and we both have a giggle.