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Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’…

March 10, 2015

The Hubs recently took me to a nice running shoe store in London as he was tired of seeing me hobble around the house like a wounded animal from the foot pain I’d been experiencing. I never thought I’d set foot in this store, as it’s called ‘The Running Room’ and well…the only time I’m running is when raccoons are chasing me or when (wow…I really, truly just tried to think of any other reason I run..and I couldn’t .. haha, shameful.)

At any rate, I went, hoping for some relief.  A super helpful teenaged boy analyzed my gait (what a sheer delight that was, parading back and forth in front of The Hubs and this athletic, gazelle-type creature,  who tried to figure out why my ankle had an inverse roll .. I wanted to say ‘it’s the weight, young man, three pregnancies and great deal of home cooking will do this’…but alas, I let him do his thing.. ) and he had me try on umpteen shoes. I finally settled on something that felt supportive and wasn’t too flashy…because, well, I just felt as though the flashy shoes should be reserved for those that actually sport….not to middle aged women with painful feet and cankles. (cankle=calfankle real distinction between where the calf ends and the ankle begins. Or, my legs.)


Anyhow, a couple of weeks later and my foot pain has decreased a great deal due to my indoor, un-flashy runners…that is, until yesterday. I was pretending to be super mom and I heaved the full wicker laundry basket onto my hip and the plastic laundry basket into my arm and traipsed down the hall, only to fall in a heap from the dreaded ankle roll. So here I am, shoeless, elevating my swelling cankle and icing it. Just. can’t. win.

It brings me back to another time in my life when I experienced an ankle roll … It was on our honeymoon and The Hubs and I decided to go and see an opera about John The Baptist..(No really.) I had gotten dressed up to the nines in my operatic ensemble …long jacket, hair up and a nice pair of sky high heels…I was feeling pretty good about myself. The opera house was nearly full, we were walking the aisle to our seats, and then it happened.. Ker-snap, rubber ankle right over the heel. Down I went like a sack of potatoes, nearly completing a full face plant on that coarse red carpet. (‘Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.’ Proverbs 16:18..I knew you were thinking it, so I thought I might as well just type it out.)

But, as in all things, there is a silver lining…I found this goody on youtube, and can totally relate to how this poor soul’s ankles must feel. Shucks, I’m so glad someone got this on camera, Have a great day everyone!

A weighty development..

February 19, 2015

I don’t know about you, but the minute you tell me I can’t have something…I end up wanting it … in a bad way. I’m certain it’s a mental thing, because there is a lot my body could do without.

For instance, when I attempted the low carb diet, I dreamed of pasta and soft, buttered, white bread. If I had a “cheat day” the first thing I went to was carbs. Needless to say, it didn’t last long.

Here I am on the other side of the colonoscopy, and interestingly enough, the doctor told me the only thing I need to change is my fibre intake. Apparently, it used to be an old wives tale that those with diverticular disease needed to lessen their fibre intake and eat softer foods. This has been disproven and doctors now see that fibre is what’s missing. At first I was discouraged, thinking there was little room for improvement as our family is quite fibre friendly, lots of salad, fruit and veggies here, my kids are quite well rounded in the food department. Even spinach. I know, its great. Makes me think if we were to become world travellers, that the kids would be okay with all the fantastic multi-cultural food. But I see now, there is a vast area of improvement that can happen in my diet, fibre isn’t in a lot of stuff we eat…or at least not much fibre.

Anyway, this time around .. it’s a new perspective…I need to ADD something to my diet rather than take it away. It’s the most welcome mental shift when it comes to food, and one I’m not struggling with.

I stumbled upon this article this morning, and it totally backs up my theory. So I’m posting it, because I love articles that support my thoughts, heh. Here tis:


By the way, My doctor asked me to up my intake to 20-40 grams each day. (Interesting fact: 1 cup of cooked lentils will give you 15.6 grams… who’s up for some lentil stew!)

Senior Citizen..

February 12, 2015

Well, it’s official! I’m a senior citizen! It was diagnosed at the colonoscopy yesterday, in the form of diverticular disease. I won’t get into the nitty gritty details (you can look those up for yourself, Dr. Google) but it does involve lots of fibre intake … I’m thinking metamucil will now be part of my daily routine along with napping, getting a blue perm and knitting slippers.

Today, I awoke with a new hop in my step (partly because I think I may have plantar facsiitis … you think I’m kidding about becoming a senior citizen..things are going downhill fast here, folks) I’m just so happy that test is “behind” me .. heh heh. The actual procedure wasn’t bad at all, this scoping Centre uses sedatives that knock you out completely  for the duration of the test and I awoke without any of the typical side effects, just felt like I was waking up in the morning. Anyway, I’m just so thrilled it’s over.

Sometimes, I have a tendency to let my mind get ahead of itself when it comes to health tests and symptoms, whatever they may be…but ultimately I gotta remember God has it all under control, all of it…From colonoscopies to cancer to colds and to cavities and everything in-between.

Isn’t that so incredibly comforting? We serve such an Awesome God, and He knows you inside and out…better than you know yourself…so there is simply no sense in worry. “And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life?” “Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is it’s own trouble.” (Matt. 6:27, 34)

My prayer is for comfort and peace for those suffering through health issues today. Let me know if I can pray for you.

On another note, I’m thinking of adding some kind of exercise to my daily routine and thought, since I’m feeling so old with my recent diagnosis, I should try to find something that’ll take the years off….. Join me? (oh, and to add to the humour, my mom used to have this video…I remember us early one morning trying this and not being able to get through it because we couldn’t stop laughing at each other…)


February 9, 2015

Mentioning the word alone draws groans, frowns and looks of sympathetic horror. The thought of it gives you the cold sweats and mental images you’d rather not spend time thinking about… the good ol’ colon checkup ~ the Colonoscopy. It truly is the medical test that takes away every ounce of human pride.

I am one of the “fortunate” ones that have already had a couple colonoscopies under my belt .. (or should I say below my belt..heh.) I dealt with C. Diff in high school after having my wisdom teeth out. I was put on a heavy dose of antibiotics that wiped all of the good and happy bacteria out of my intestines and that allowed the evil, monster bacteria to take over. And take over it did!  I quickly lost 20 lbs and had no desire to eat for about a month (this at a time when weight loss wasn’t even on my radar..) and so my first colonoscopy was scheduled, to make sure all was healing properly following this awful sickness. (As an aside, probiotics have since become a good friend of mine, they keep my intestinal soldiers armed and prolific)

I had another colonoscopy early in our marriage, and for the life of me I cannot remember why, but I do remember my poor husband having to deal with my sedated self …(not sure that I spoke of rocket ships and cheap gas like this poor soul..)

As with any invasive bodily test there is usually some preparation involved, and this just so happens to be the worst part of this whole procedure. (me thinks at least, some may say the actual test is worse, but I think after having 3 babies, there is little pride left here..)

Today I begin preparing by eating far less than I typically would… and no popcorn, corn or nuts and seeds are allowed, for obvious reasons 😉

Tomorrow is the day I dread, the day of mass evacuation. Back in the day, the prep was much worse, the drink completely un-palatable and gag inducing…a large cup of thick-ish liquid that tasted of a combination of oil and sprite with a harsh orange cover up flavour.

Tomorrows prep involves three powdery sachets with only a cup of liquid  each time. From what I’ve read it’s going to be a lot better going down, but probably the same coming out.

So thankful to the creators of candy crush, I’m certain I’ll be a few levels up by the time things are processed tomorrow night. I’ll be looking for free lives if you have any to spare.

And because there’s nothing I can do but just keep smiling about the whole thing….I leave you with the king of colonoscopy humour, Tim Hawkins.


Le spasm of le back.

August 10, 2013

I bent. I broke. The end.

It was the beginning of a stellar Monday. You know the kind…you wake up with a hop in your step, the coffee in your mug is enough to make you spill over with pure caffeinated glee, and you’re feeling especially grand because the night before was the beginning of the new health kick…a power walk every evening.  oh boy, was it ever power-filled. The hips were a-wiggling….the fat was a-jiggling.

Back to Monday… there I was getting the jobs done, garbage bin brought back in garage – check, laundry load started – check, preparing to clean the house – check. I marched down the hallway and bent over to pick up the bathing suit that laid in my path .. and that was the fateful moment my walking legs became non-walking legs. I bent and *pop* down I fell, like a sack of potatoes.

The pain burned its way down my spinal column and left me writhing in spasmodic pain, finding no comfortable way to sit or lay or lean, I just collapsed and screamed for poor Gabe, who I’m sure thought he should start planning my funeral. After ensuring I was not dead, he made a tear filled call to Oma.

My hero’s came in the form of my sister in law, who thankfully ignored my ‘I think I should be okay..’ text, and showed up anyway, and my mom who dropped her schedule to help me for the entire week. They cheered me on as I crawled to the living room carpet to die. I couldn’t heave my weight onto the couch, as it was too painful.. so there I lay. Eating while laying down is a whole new experience, lemme tell ya.

Anyway, that happened almost 2 weeks ago, and I still feel it. It’s much better and ice and ibuprofen are helping. Please pray that it’s all healed up before we go on holidays! Muchos Gracias …. y’all have a wonderful week!

Seasonal sickness…

December 30, 2012

Yep. That most unwelcome guest has arrived, and it still doesn’t realize that it’s totally putting a cramp on our holiday style. If I were counting my thousand blessings, one of them would be thankfulness that we were able to celebrate the birth of our Saviour without the running back and forth to the lavatory…. this year, it decided to come just afterwards.

I, of course, was the lucky exception, and welcomed our guest earlier this month after returning from a night away at a waterpark hotel. You’d think I’d have been more aware after having just read the article about how totally disgusting hotel rooms can be…but no…I lived in ignorant bliss that night. I held that remote while shoveling those swedish berries in my mouth, I lived large and enjoyed every square inch of that wave pool with the throngs of vistiors from all areas of the world, probably even drank a little. Lets take a moment and think about that shall we? Pay huge bucks and lay in our used beds, flick through our channels with our little black box that hundreds have held before you..then, join us in the big water hole, and swim with our half naked guests, some of whom are too small to hold their bladders, and some of whom just really don’t care about holding their bladders. Doesn’t it all just sound like paradise?

WHY? why.

Anyway…for now, here, Red’s been through it, The Hubs is going through it and Bubba just finished up…sitting there pale as a ghost. So, it’s just the Little and I, and who even knows if this is the same strain as the water park bug..soo I may still be on the hit list.

Prayers appreciated!

Banning Bananas..

February 8, 2012

In this here household, we’ve not eaten nearly as many bananas as we once did. Our little Ashy has been showing symptoms of an allergy to them..itchy ears,face, mouth and tongue. The same goes for Kiwi..totally weird huh? Pretty awful fate for a kid who gets most of her dietary needs from raw fruits and vegetables. (If ONLY God had blessed me with a solitary craving for these foods.) She also reacts to Advil chewables, and fruit punch of all things…

When she had the chewables (about a year and a half ago) we had to bring her to the hospital because she suddenly resembled Gonzo. Her nose grew about twice the size! With the fruit punch she says it hurts her brain really bad, and believe it or not she gets dark patches on her forehead..  poor girl.

Today is the day of reckoning.. time for the test.  Please pray for her :)

Christmas Scurvy..

December 30, 2011

It’s over. The event I’d been pining for over many done. It’s always the preparations and anticipation that rile me up…the actual event always seems to be far too short or less than idealistic. I totally need to learn to not have expectations. But what’s life without dreams, goals and ambitions right?

Christmas came in like a lamb and went out like a lion. And by lamb I mean only one of us was sick..and by lion I mean all of us are sick.

Ashlyn started the barf ball rolling with the stomach flu 2 weeks ago, and Eden decided to have a kick at it with bronchitis with flu symptoms (she was nearing pneumonia…wasn’t pretty) then Gabe joined the club with some good ol’ fashioned di-har-hea.  I’m bringing up the rear (thankfully no symptoms IN my rear) with some chest congestion and mucosa.  Dwight…well he’s the wild card. I keep looking him up and down with squinty eyes, just a ‘waitin to see what festive germ is gonna rear it’s ugly head..(in either his rear or head).

The tree’s been stripped, the floors vacuumed, although you wouldn’t have a clue if you stopped in right now. (this comes highly un-recommended by the way, you’ll certainly be leaving with more than you bargained for :) The left-overs are becoming far too left-over and have overstayed their once highly anticipated, mouth watering welcome.

And so I sit. Kleenex nearby and a croak in my throat. Gazing longingly at unrealistic gardening photos on Pinterest, knowing full well that the anticipation of spring comes with a reality of muck, hard work and dirty fingernails.

Oh boy … these dreams are whats gonna get me through winter. Anticipation, Idealism and Preparation (Or better know as dreams, goals, and ambitions..) HERE I COME!!! … again.

The passing…

August 21, 2007

We’re back..and some of you didn’t even know we were gone…except, perhaps for the lack of posting. We went a’cottaging last week, sort of a last hoorah for summer, as now that we’ve returned, the weather is mighty fall-like and I am loving it.

I sit here sipping an ice cold glass of grape juice, pondering whether I should begin downloading the photos of the cottage, OR …share with you a mighty fine story that unfurled in true Garrett fashion. I believe the latter will win ..for today.

It was in the evening hours, the dusk was giving way to the darkness, and I sat alone in our white mini van. I had come prepared to this parking lot, awaiting the return of the Hubs, my book in hand. As I sat totally engrossed in my new read, the tears began to flow, it was ‘Chicken Soup for the New Mom’s Soul’…. and dang, it had me all up in my emotions..lucky for me there was a full box of kleenex still in the van from our trip.

I began telling myself to calm down, I slammed the book shut, upset that it had gotten me in this state with it’s,

‘…And the mother knew from this moment on, her life was changed, she would give her all and everything and devote her life to this new child..she could feel her heart growing, and saving her child’s life was now her main priority as he fought for every breath…’.

My main priority at that given moment was to wipe every tear from my weeping eyes and plaster a good clown sized grin on my face to try to chase away the impending hiccups that come from a good cry. I was worried that as the Hubs was in the chiropractors office, he would unwittingly invite the chiropractors wife to come out to the van as I would surely love to see her. Surely.

I turned the key on the van to get the air moving, and pushed the grill on the blowing vent to point directly at my face…I blasted it onto cold and let the unrelenting tears dry up. Just as I was faced the other way peering at the neighbouring houses’ garden..(telling myself I was as HAPPY! as the BIG! PINK! FLOWERS!…The Hubs made his entrance.

He plunked down on his seat with a bright red face and a sheepish look saying ‘Well….THAT was embarrassing.’ I couldn’t wait to hear what could possibly embarrass the man that could find humour in just about anything.

He went on to tell the story.

He was talking to the Chiropractor (Dr. S) and as they were going over pleasantries and discussing the weather, The Hubs mentioned how he’s been wanting to drop a few pounds and he had been struggling to do so. The Dr. had a simple solution….eat less.
As they further discussed weight loss and the sluggish effects of extra weight, Dr. S had the Hubs lay down and began his magic. He was pushing and cracking, heaving and ho-ing..then he asked Dwight to sit up.

This is when the Hubs magic began.

As he strained to sit up …it happened….he had no control. He passed gas in such a way that it (and I quote) “fired out of me”.

At this point my tears had changed from sadness to disbelief, I couldn’t believe what he was telling me and I made him tell me again and again in more detail. I made him mimic the noise and the Dr’s face. The exact sound was crucial to the story…I needed to hear the fleck, the intonnation, the cadence and the rhythm of the toot…Was it explosive? Was it undeniably a ripper? Was it unquestionably a stinker? …. Fortunatley for me, it was all of these and more. The tears flowed, my ribs hurt, and there certainly were deposits of saliva on the interior of the front windshield as he replayed the sound over and over with his mouth.

He said “it was awkward.” “I said ‘OOPS!’ after it let loose, and the Dr. being the ever professional dismissed it and continued talking….” (I’m sure they were no longer discussing ‘pleasantries’)

I asked why he didn’t just hold it in and he replied ‘ I just couldn’t, I didn’t even know it was there, then whoops….Boom!… it was so loud it nearly fired through the wall behind me. Oh hun, I need to lose weight, that’s just awful….I couldn’t even feel it coming….’

I couldn’t stop laughing. It was truly just desserts for the man that typically takes pride in his gas and it’s passing.

Stones….of the kidney variety.

December 20, 2006

So far so good, laundry and I are maintaining our bond. I’m getting a little low on the fabric softener after my ‘clothing escapade’ but lucky for me, we’re off to do our monthly shop today. I’m hoping to keep it small, but I know how many wonderful Christmas treats will be out there…

I’ve been on the brink of having a kidney stone for the past few days. A powerful pain in my left side (easily mistaken for back pain..) is the first clue that a stone is imminent. I was prone to having these about a year ago and after having an ultrasound done, it was discovered that I have several….in both kidneys. They range in sizes, the largest being close to 7 mm. I’ve read that a 7 mm stone is nearly impossible to pass, so quite often a laser is involved in blasting them into tiny pieces that are passable. Yay for lasers.

The worst stone pain I’ve experienced was when I was 36 weeks pregnant with Ashlyn. We rushed to the closest hospital and once they saw me they were convinced I should be at the childrens hospital where babies are delivered. After I screamed at them, vomitted, and had a Dr. do a cervical check….pretty much all at the same time, I was admitted and treated for a kidney stone.

Ahhhh Morphine, the drug that cures all. Although it makes me incredibly itchy, and strangely enough my nose can smell the drug as it passes through my body (I know that sounds weird, but I can really smell it!!) it really helps to dull the pain to bearable. Kidney stone pain has been compared to labour and some of the worst pain experienced by mankind. I’d have to agree. It breaks me into a cold sweat, makes me vomit from the sheer pain, makes my body tremble, and turns my urine brown. It’s horrible, and would make a wonderful torture tactic if they knew exactly what creates them. It’s different in different people, some people it’s hereditary, some dietary, and a few other causes. You’d have to catch a stone and have it analyzed in order to understand it’s origins. So far, I’ve had no such luck in collecting one, elusive little suckers.

Believe it or not though, I’ve been given a remedy that’s helped keep them at bay for over 6 months now. (It would be working for me now too, if I wasn’t such an idiot when it came to remembering to take pills…) It’s called Magnesium Oxide. I went from having kidney pain every month it seemed, to having none. at all. The remedy comes from my cousins, aunt who is a naturo-path of sorts. I was tenative at first but realized nothing could hurt more than a stone anyway so I may as well dive right in….and it worked.

So now if only these magic little pills can stop a stone that’s already started, ….I’ll be in luck. If not…prepare the morphine for Christmas day, and I’ll be wishing you a Cherry Mistmas.