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September 11, 2012

The crumbs never seem to disappear. The realness of it all .. all over the house. We’re together them and I and I see so much more.

Today he’s decided to write a lullaby on his piano and I can’t help but weep. The shells officially cracked and the pureness seeps out. He can lay it all down and have it all out right there at those keys. I feel his spirit, its gentleness it climbs right out of his heart and crawls down his arms to flow through those rounded fingers.

Enough to slay me, these three are. Thanks be to the Father.

Banning Bananas..

February 8, 2012

In this here household, we’ve not eaten nearly as many bananas as we once did. Our little Ashy has been showing symptoms of an allergy to them..itchy ears,face, mouth and tongue. The same goes for Kiwi..totally weird huh? Pretty awful fate for a kid who gets most of her dietary needs from raw fruits and vegetables. (If ONLY God had blessed me with a solitary craving for these foods.) She also reacts to Advil chewables, and fruit punch of all things…

When she had the chewables (about a year and a half ago) we had to bring her to the hospital because she suddenly resembled Gonzo. Her nose grew about twice the size! With the fruit punch she says it hurts her brain really bad, and believe it or not she gets dark patches on her forehead..  poor girl.

Today is the day of reckoning.. time for the test.  Please pray for her :)

Snow bomb 2010

December 9, 2010

The BIG snowstorm of 2010 resulted in almost 5 ft of the white stuff here where we live. And it’s still snowing as I post this. Kids were off for 3 snow days so far, and this morning we’re waiting to see if the 2 hr delay becomes day 4!
Hope y’all are staying warm!!

The bag lady..

July 18, 2010

I’d like to say she takes after her mother….but I REALLY shouldn’t take the credit for this.

You see, my little strawberry head has a fetish for bags, purses, sacks, and pretty much anything that can hold stuff….loads and loads of stuff.

Recently as I was cleaning I found at least 10 bags full of junk…and by junk I mean toys, papers, writing untensils and so forth. She’s got a problem my friends. It was time for an intervention. Upon the last cleaning of the playroom, I hid each and every purse I came across. I thought we were home free for a bit …..then she found an old clinique bag, and loaded it with every bit of makeup she had been given over her few years. (my cast-offs, my mothers cast-offs, and my mother in Laws cast-offs…she’s got more makeup than the avon lady..)

I’m off to hide her school bag and lunch pail … who knows what she could fit in those.

Snow much fun…

January 28, 2010

There’ve been a few snowy days ’round these parts, not too many though….which is just okily dokily. The small hill outside our patio door has been claimed as their ‘Caboggening hill’ as miss Ashy calls it. The path down is slick and pressed nicely, in good crazy carpet fashion. Half an hour of ‘Caboggening’ for them = Half an hour of silence for me.

Thank you oh sweet hill.

Even the big guy enjoys a ride…


February 10, 2009
Red heads unite on the Heintzman.
Patiently teaching 4 hands.

‘I’ll be just like her one day…’

Aunt Vicki came over the other to tickle our new ivorys. Well new to us at least…
Gabes lessons have been going quite well, he says one day he’ll play just like Aunt Vicki. The Hubs has realized a passion that had been tossed to the wayside many years ago. Since the piano has been moved in, I’ve been listening to him recalling all his black and white memories through his hands, and he’s quite good. Until he has to play with 2 hands, each with it’s own rhythm. Then his very white, very un-rhythmic side comes out, and we both have a giggle.

Big Red.

January 4, 2009

My Children were shocked to see the man in red show up. My Aunt and Uncle threw quite the party this year..the food was endless, which of course kept me happy, and the kids were treated to the spectacular surprise of Santa. I just love Gabes expression. It really says it all…he’s just can’t believe Santa Claus has his arm around him.

images from the hollidays…

January 4, 2009
Here’s my dorky brother, Ava was going in for the kiss and Steve always has to act like the obnoxious twit when the lens comes out. Makes me giggle though…when I need a good laugh, I either look at pictures of him, or the pictures of myself after just having had Eden. Those are some Doozies…the glazed look of a deer in the headlights on a puffy new mom are really something to behold. and No. I know what you’re thinking, but they’re only funny because I look at them alone :)

Here’s the cute one. They are such sweethearts. I really am so glad God had this in store for my brother and I.