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Foto Friday…

February 6, 2015

I do believe I missed the last Foto Friday as we were away in ‘Poor Mans Florida’ …but here we are another week gone and another photo in the wings.

This photo is from a few years ago, when The Hubs and I were living on the dairy farm. It was a foggy day and the Jersey girls were on pasture and boy, did it make for a photographers dream moment.

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!


Simple Beauty…

February 5, 2013

Just put this little sheboppy together….thinking of using it in our school room downstairs.

And I had a good peruse-y through some of my ol photos and loved this one of the girls…that tanned skin makes me drool for summer.


And then theres this ol fave:

Annnd one more for good measure …
 I ordered myself a whole whack of seed catalogues to stir that old dirt desire right up and get it percolatin’ through my green thumbs. This picture reminds me of when we moved in and lovingly planted all that triple rated, grade A, high-end, super pricey grass seed and ran out, so we spread a little extra over the whole she-bang …we found that ‘little extra’ in an old freezer at the farm…I do believe it should’ve been labelled properly as ‘Weed seed’ but alas…it was free…and we are cheap. So in doing so, we tainted the whole lot (heh heh…our whole lot..) with this beautiful specimen.
Of course, as we were diligent Dave Ramsey followers, we were waiting to ensure the proper fundage and best deal for our grass hacker .. and as we scoured the net and used equipment sites, the heavens opened and poured much needed rain all over our parched seeds. Seemed as though our ‘weed seed’ was extra strength and though most of our grass seed had dried up, that mustard flower was just a waitin’ for a drink.
Lo and behold a week later we had a full 2 acres of the most brilliant yellow, ya ever did see. T’was a sight to behold. A beautiful house in the midst of a field of flowing weeds. Wasn’t long before those weeds were knee high and full of bees. So much so, that our poor children couldn’t even run to the trampoline for fear of a sting.
I threw all good sense to the wind and bought the first lawnmower my eyes did see that had a reasonable price tag. It wasn’t green, I can assure you that. More of an aged orange..or terra cotta. To be honest, that first ride as it shook my internal organs and flung my body forwards and back with every move of my untrained hand (I was used to a foot control, like a car, not a hand control…like a car for the disabled..) I couldn’t have cared less. It was me against those freaking yellow flowers and it felt gooood. The wilder the better…if it was hurting me, it was hurting them more. ‘Take THAT you friggen flower freaks!! Ha haaa!!’  It was the pinnacle of power! And I WON.
They were gone. I woke up to brown cracked earth with slain yellow flowers strewn all about. I grinned smugly to myself as I sipped my morning coffee. Good Riddance.
It wasn’t until I had uploaded those early photos of the building lot and this little jewel popped up, that I actually saw the beauty in it all. The more I stared, the more I saw. What simple beauty I had missed. 


February 10, 2009
Red heads unite on the Heintzman.
Patiently teaching 4 hands.

‘I’ll be just like her one day…’

Aunt Vicki came over the other to tickle our new ivorys. Well new to us at least…
Gabes lessons have been going quite well, he says one day he’ll play just like Aunt Vicki. The Hubs has realized a passion that had been tossed to the wayside many years ago. Since the piano has been moved in, I’ve been listening to him recalling all his black and white memories through his hands, and he’s quite good. Until he has to play with 2 hands, each with it’s own rhythm. Then his very white, very un-rhythmic side comes out, and we both have a giggle.


November 21, 2008
A foggy day back in the summer. As it’s snowing here right now, I just relish in the memory of slipping into my crocs, grabbing my camera and heading out into the morning mist. The dense humidity in the air, my nostrils inhaling both fog and oxygen.
I couldn’t see the cows in the field, but as I quietly called them in the thick blanket of silence, they appeared one by one. Trotting out of the clouds to investigate.
Gabe on Trike. Enjoying the ‘smoky’ day.
2 girls in the field.

Well worn road and line of maples.


The Other Day.

March 17, 2008

I’ve been getting out more lately….a feat in and of itself. Not too long ago I took a breather from the kiddies and got to snap some photos of the stunning snow trees. Our laneway really lends itself to good shots.

On another note, yesterday was our Palm Sunday service at church. It was held at our bigger sister church and it was really nice to get together with another large group of people who all love the Lord. The worship time was great and so was the speaker. Dwight and I walked away from church feeling renewed and satisfied once again. I must say having 3 young kids can pose some challenges on Sunday mornings, but every time I feel like not going, because of being too tired, or not wanting to get everyone ready, I think about my children’s spiritual well being and that’s all it takes to get me out the door. My mom always made a point of getting us to church every Sunday and put us in Sunday school…I learned so much from those years, and I can’t take that away from my kids. They came home yesterday telling us all about Jesus riding on a donkey on Palm Sunday, and lifting the palm branches in praise, shouting ‘HOSANNA!!!’

…it was music to my ears, nothing makes me happier than to hear my little ones speak about Jesus.