May 11, 2015

Does anyone feel like we went from 6 ft of snow to flowering trees in a period of 2 weeks?! I’m struggling to keep up right now with the winding down of homeschool, to the wrapping up of the co-op for the year, to the garden going in, to the switcheroo of seasonal clothes, to the having of company, to the keeping the lawn cut. A lot of balls in the air, and so the writing desire has ceased! My posts will be few for a while, or at least until I get the balls under control The garden will be… Read More

Sunrise 08/05/15

May 8, 2015

How Old Do I Look…

May 1, 2015

In my afternoon lull (It happens every day around this time…school is done, another coffee is being brewed and the children are enjoying their free time..) I sometimes stumble upon silly things like this: How old by Microsoft I’ve now uploaded several photos of myself and it’s surprisingly accurate … I’ve gotten a range of 32-37 depending on how I’m smiling. The Hubs got 45, when he is only 38, and that just tickles me pink…(it was a picture of him with a large beard … so I guess big facial hair puts a few years on you) Another great… Read More

Nothing of importance. (Don’t read this unless you are near dead with boredom.)

April 30, 2015

So, if you read the title and are still here, you must be having a moment in which you have absolutely nothing better to do…Let’s see if I can make you feel better about yourself for spending this moment here, by seeing what randomness rattles through my brain. I promise you’ll want to get up and do something productive after slogging through these 10 profitless points. 1. Persian cats are a lot of work -I’m not sure if you realize this, but Persians sport what seems like a double coat of fur and it’s so fine, that its constantly winding… Read More

The daily grind..

April 27, 2015

Well, we’re back at it…a 5 day holiday was just what I needed to feel re-charged and go head long into this final phase of our schooling year. I’ve gone through each of the kids books and we’re on target for completion at the end of May, because of the delightful season change and because we are finally able to step foot OUTDOORS without fear and trepidation of being assaulted by the elements. Although, the kids have agreed that we’ll keep up with a couple pages of math per day throughout the summer months so that come September they’re not… Read More

It really is Grand.

April 22, 2015

It’s like it doesn’t even exist until you’re about 20 feet from the cliff face, and then it starts to appear as a massive hole in the earth filled with peaks and valleys. When you get right up on top of it, it’s almost as though it’s a painting thats just beyond your reach…the layers, the colours, and the depth, it all helps you realize, it was no ordinary artist that painted and sculpted this…it was the Creator. I stood there at the edge, trying to envision the first person to come upon this massive crater and what they must… Read More


April 20, 2015
Optimized-purple hue-2

I’m home. My hands are a little more tanned than before I left, my cold a little worse than before I left and my mind is a little more blown than before I left. Arizona is, to me, like a bit of alien paradise. It’s so foreign compared to Ontario. Don’t get me wrong, all the same amenities apply…stores and highways and cars…but the houses are different, the trees are different, and landscape is something from another planet entirely. It was mountainous, there wasn’t a blade of grass to be seen, their ground cover consists of gravel or sand and… Read More

In a land flowing with…Maple syrup

April 14, 2015

The Hubs has a friend, Mr. Dan, who is a maple syrup producer here in Ontari-ari-o, he works full time with Dwight, but come February he can only be found in his sugar shack, until the sap stops flowing. Mr. Dan invited our family to come and see how the beautiful amber liquid is produced and I thought I’d take a thousand low quality photos, so that you, my people, could come along! It all begins in his bush lot where he has tapped 4000 maple trees and collects the sap a couple times a day in his re-done milk… Read More

The thing that provides the P&Q.

April 13, 2015

There’s a purchase we made many a year ago that has hands down provided me with the highest amount of peace and quiet around here. (which to a homeschooling mama is of a very high value…Love my babes, but quiet? …doesn’t happen too often. So, this baby is ranked right up there with like … oh I don’t know, something I really love, like my bed, or nikon camera…or The Hubs) The day we set up the trampoline brings fist pumping and hoots and hollers…from me. The kids get quite excited too.   In order to set it up properly,… Read More

I’ll be Thelma…you be Louise…

April 11, 2015

This is how I picture Bianca and I in Arizona (except put a few pounds on thelma and you’ve got me..heh) …(and yes day 3 involves horse riding at sunrise, tomahawk throwing and shootin’ guns…real guns…not my daisy red rider bb gun) The canyon is 3 hours from where we’ll be staying, I’m praying there won’t be any circumstances which would necessitate us having to go off the cliff of the canyon …but I can’t make any guarantees. This is going to be one action packed girls getaway… (When in reality…)   (by the way, I completely forget what happens… Read More